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Follow todays sermon in written form 18th April 2020
Follow today's service in written form 18th April 2020
Read along with the sermon on Lazarus for 29th March 2020
Rev. Tim Fletcher
Rev. Tim Fletcher
Jim explores the Lord's Prayer and what each part means.
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Read along with Peter's final sermon of Advent.
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Read Jim's sermon on religious opposition
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Read Joe's sermon about perfectionism and how to avoid it
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Read Peter's sermon about Jesus' prayer for us
Read Jon's sermon on listening to the Holy Spirit
Read Jim's sermon about our relationship with the Holy Spirit
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Read Jim's sermon, an autobiographical account of Peter's last days.
Read Jon's sermon on Waiting.
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Read Tim Fletcher's sermon on what our Spiritual Gifts are
Handout sheet: Personal reflection on your Spiritual Gifts
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Read Jon's sermon on 12th November 2017
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Tim's sermon on 10th September 2017 Sorry , no audio recording
Jim's sermon on 27 August 2017