Being Fruitful: 'Beloved' series part 5


        Psalm 107: 33-38
        Mark 6: 1-13

Reasons People Aren’t Fruitful Sketches

Sketch one: I’m not good enough

I do wish the vicar wouldn’t say such ridiculous stuff: ‘God can use all of you’, ‘You can all be fruitful’. My old school-teacher would have laughed her socks off at that! According to her I was no good at anything, so how could God ever use me? I’m not the brightest and I don’t know much about the Bible. On top of that I’m not a very good person: I’ve got a terrible temper and I swear. I bet no-one else at church ever swears. And on top of all that I’m getting on a bit now. My sight’s not what it was, my memories non- existent and I can’t do as much as I used to: let’s face it, there’s no way God could ever use me.

Which do we think is true?          She’s no use       or            God can use her               
Sketch two: I’m too busy

I’ve got ninety year 10 essays to mark, Sunday School to prepare and I’ve got to finish that article for the church magazine and its 10.30 in the evening all ready. I’ll be up to 2am - I’ll be a zombie in the morning. I just hope I don’t fall asleep in the staffroom again. And tomorrow’s going to be no better. I’ve got that meeting about the school fete I said I’d organise and then the youth group are coming round in the evening. I won’t get a chance to look at the lesson prep till gone 10. Why does God push me so hard? I want to be fruitful but I’m getting exhausted. I don’t think I can go on like this, but I can’t let God down.

Which do we think is true?          God doesn’t want us worn out   or            God overworks us           
Sketch 3:   I’m too afraid
Caroline: For a while I really thought God might be telling me to start a luncheon club for older people. I nearly ran my idea past the vicar. But then I thought.... What if people think it’s stupid? What if no-one comes, or I can’t get anyone to help me? How am I going to get the old people there and who’s going to pay for it? And then I remembered when I burnt the spaghetti bolognaise for the Harvest Festival. The whole church will remember that! They’ll think I’ll give everyone food poisoning. No, it’s a silly idea. Best not to mention it.

Which do we think is true?          God will help her              or            Don’t try if you’re scared             
Sketch 4:  I can’t be bothered
[USING PS3 CONTROLLER AS IF HE IS PLAYING A GAME] Go on die alien... die... [LOOKS AT HIS WATCH]. It’s only 2 o’clock. I’ll just play this for a minute more then I’ll do that sermon prep. [STARTS PLAYING AGAIN]. Oh no! That alien killed me! I’d nearly won as well. [LOOKS AT WATCH AGAIN] 3.30... well I can’t stop playing would be a waste of all that time I’ve spent trying to win. I need to keep going until I’ve killed all those aliens. I nearly did it that time. Just a few more minutes and I’ll have won. [HE STARTS PLAYING AGAIN]. At last- they’re all dead. What’s the time now? Wow... 8 o’clock. Well it’s too late to spend ages on that sermon now. I’ll just wing it. I’ll tell them a funny story about going on holiday- I can string that out for 10 minutes at least. Then I’ll just end by telling them to pray more and read the Bible more. That’ll be fine. Great that gives me a couple of hours to watch that new DVD box set I ordered.
Which do we think is true?          It’s fine to be lazy             or            Use your talents well     
Conclusion       God wants us all to be fruitful.
                        God can use each of us. He will help us when we’re scared.
                        God doesn’t want us to be worn out; but use your talents well.

Tim and Caroline Fletcher, 02/04/2017