The Light of the World 

Read Tim Fletcher’s talk at All - Age Worship 5th February 2017
Readings: Matthew 5 13-20
                 1 Corinthians 2 1-12

Jesus calls us to be light.
Light makes a difference for good in people’s lives:

  • helps people avoid danger & to steer a course for good
  • helps people to find their way & to see things as they really are
  • protects people from harm’s way
  • provides people with warmth & joy 

Jesus calls us to be lights in the world, to make a difference for good in people’s lives to bring those things for good into our world.
But can we do that: we often struggle to find these things ourselves before we start to help others:
Well the secret is we don’t find the strength to be lights in the world from ourselves but from Jesus in us.
Jesus said, ‘I am the Light of the world’ and He does bring those good things of direction, guidance, protection & provision.
And when we ask Jesus to come into our lives, He brings His Light into our lives and shines through us - that’s how we become lights in the world.
Paul says we have this treasure in pots of clay, which is like saying, ‘we have this Light in us in Jesus!’
So we can shine as lights in our world, but it’s all based on our relationship with Jesus:

  • Inviting Jesus to be part of our lives to be central to our lives
  • Continuing to ask Jesus to be present in our lives day by day through prayer, asking Jesus to be our guide day by day, so we each play our part as lights in different places e.g. in our jobs 

We are all gifted differently & guided differently to be a presence for good in different places.

A couple of weeks ago I was praying with someone who doesn’t go to this church, about our church. He had a picture about stars in the sky (each star is a SUN is its own right).
He said at 1st sight on a clear night you might see just one bright star. But if you look more carefully there are a myriad of stars shining.
And I think this applies to our church:

  • The church is made up of not just 1 or 2 people making a difference for good & not just 1or 2 who do the more obvious things in church
  • The church is made up of a whole host of people making a difference for good in different places/different ways
This shows the importance of each person recognising Jesus in them, each recognising their call to shine as a light in their particular circumstances & place.


Tim Fletcher, 05/02/2017